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SRCY come second at National 12 Bell Final Saturday 28th June 2014

Following on from our success in the eliminators in March (see below for details), the SRCY along with 9 other bands took part in the final at Christ Church, Oxford.

In this spectacularly beautiful setting around 770 ringers and friends took part in a resoundingly successful day thanks to the Oxford Society and the 12 bell committee. The challenging bells were a true test but each team rose to the occasion. It was impossible to tell from the judges' comments in what order the teams would be placed.
When the results were delivered in the very fine Hall (setting of some of the Harry Potter scenes) we were very happy to hear 8 teams' points read out before ours, but alas Birmingham again was better on the day, continuing their 5 year winning streak. 
Congratulations to the master and the twelve bell band on a very creditable performance, second place with 81 points. Full results and the touch can be seen at
The band:
1. Lee Pinnington
2. Shirley McGill
3. Heather Forster
4. Geraldine R Forster
5. Mary E Holden
6. Benjamine D Constant
7. Ian G Mills
8. Douglas J Beaumont
9. Alan Regin
10. Steven J Bailey
11. Oliver D Cross (c)
12. Thomas B Mack
 Roll on next year and look out Birmingham!


2014 National 12 Bell Eliminator at St Sepulchre Holborn

SRCY qualify in fine style for Oxford final

The society rang in the 12 bell Eliminators on Saturday 22nd March at St Sepulchre Holborn and qualified equal 1st with the Birmingham team with a score of 88%. Some of our ringing was described as 'excellent'.

1= Birmingham 7th 3h32 88%
1= Society of Royal Cumberland Youths 4th 3h31 88%
3 St Paul's Cathedral 6th 3h32 86%
4 Exeter 3rd 3h37 85%
5 Towcester 1st 3h28 84%
6 Stockton-on-Tees 2nd 3h35 83%
7 Newcastle-under-Lyme 5th 3h37 80%

Our test piece Recording can be found on the National 12 bell website towards the bottom of the page. View the complete results here.

The band representing the Society, ringing 250 Stedman Cinques, was as follows:

  1. Joanna K Dorling
  2. Shirley E McGill
  3. Heather M Forster
  4. Geraldine R Forster
  5. Mary E Holden
  6. Benjamin D Constant
  7. Ian G Mills
  8. Doug J Beaumont
  9. Alan Regin
  10. Stephen J Bailey
  11. Oliver D Cross (C)
  12. Thomas B Mack